Manage in a sustainable way the final disposal of Metals and the Waste of Electric and Electronic Equipment of our customers, through a logistics and  reverse manufacture processes. Recovery and reinsert in a traceable way the maximum possible amount of the materials from the dismantling process, in the production chain. Therefore avoiding the disposal of these products in the environment,   saving natural resources and contribute to the maintenance of our planet.
Work in a Environmental Friendly, Social Responsible and Economically viable ways, aiming contribute to the sustainability of our community and society.

Became leader in the recycling and final disposal of Waste of Electric and Electronic Equipment market, managing all the chain, offering services such as consulting, reverse logistics, reverse manufacturing, storage, processing and sensible final disposal. Be recognized for the quality and security offered to it’s customers.

Ethic, Honesty, Respect, Quality and Responsibility


Reciclo Metais is a specialized company  in environmental sensible solid waste disposal. ISO 14001 Certified by SGS and 100% Environmental licensed by the Sao Paulo State Environmental Agency (CETESB) and the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (IBAMA) the company is fully equipped to receive and process all type of metallic and electronic waste.

Inside of an 10,000sqft area, Reciclo Metais has a Compressed Air Line with pneumatic tools to the dismantling and Reverse Manufacture of end-of-life electric and electronic equipment, including computer monitors and TVs, Electric Cables shredder and separator, plastic shredder, metallic alloy spectroscopic analyzer and a logistic fleet suitable to our customer needs. 

To offer the best and complete disposal solution the Reciclo Metais created partnerships with environmental certificated specialized  companies to process some of the special waste such as batteries and light bulbs.

Reciclo Metais also has developed an international network for e-waste treatment, metal recycling and knowledge transferring.


Core Business: End of Life (EOL) Product Recycling & Asset Recovery

Foot Print:

  • HQ in Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Current Collection Points = 12
  • Future 2014 - 2015: Technology EcoPark in Hortolandia/SP (100,000 sqft)

Logistics: Domestic & International

Multilingual: Portuguese, English, Spanish & Italian



Materials Acepted:

  • Electronic Inventory (Excess, Defective, Obsolete): Computers, HDD, Power Supplies, Cabling, Components, UPS, Batteries.
  • Metals: Ferrous & Non-Ferrous


Industries Supported:

  • Manufacturing, Importers, Telecon, Utilities, OEM/ODMs



  • EOL Product Dismantling to Commodity Level;
  • Data Destruction;
  • AssetTag Removal/Reporting;
  • ReUse & Resale.


Environmental Responsible Disposal:
After the dismantling or destruction the material is sorted and forwarded to a specialized certified recycling company to be reinserted in the productive chain as a raw material, therefore saving natural resources. All the potential hazardous material will be decontaminated before been forwarded to the recycling process. When the material is not recyclable it will be forward to a different environmental friendly treatment, such as energy recovery, incineration, certified landfill, etc.
All the Reverse Logistics processes are done based in international directives and legally compliant.


  • Guidance with Brazilian Environmental Law 12305/2012
  • Sustainability Reporting
  • ISO 14001:2004
  • Brazilian Association of Electro & Electronics Recycling Companies (ABERE) - Founding Member



Environmental Management System (EMS)

ISO 14001:2004 - SGS Certificate: BR12/6964



State Environmental Agency
Cetesb Registration: 100 -100428-0
Operation Licence: 30009923




Federal Environmental Protection Agency
IBAMA Federal
Tecnical Registration:4984070